5522 Baum Blvd
Pittsburgh PA

How We Built Baumhaus

Our Vision

The 127-unit Baumhaus apartment complex broke ground in March 2016 with an eye toward wellness, sustainability and historic longevity. Unique to all other apartments in the Pittsburgh region, Baumhaus provides residents with not only a place to live, but a holistic experience.

Baumhaus Promotes Wellness

The vision of Baumhaus, from conception to execution, has been one of wellness. While located in the active corridor of Shadyside and Friendship—with walkability to popular destinations and attractions—Baumhaus possesses an intrinsic “biofeel,” bringing nature to the urban sphere. From the lobby to the rooftop, the complex boasts a variety of greenery, from moss to garden spaces. The full-wall Urban Window, located on the southern side of the building, enhances the overall wellness experience by permitting both airflow and natural light throughout.

Baumhaus is Sustainable

Built to stand the test of time, Baumhaus will be home to many for years to come. In upholding the dedication to nature, the building itself has been constructed to strict eco-friendly standards.  Baumhaus has been created to be a foothold in the community, a place to live and grow alongside the changing Pittsburgh landscape. To ensure its strength, Baumhaus has been fortified from the ground up with materials such as steel and concrete.